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In El Ahorro Supermarket you can contract and change your electricity company with low and fixed rates with Amigo Energy, Your Electricity Company! Take your receipt to help you compare the savings by changing or call them at (713) 881 8586 and ask about the plans and rates available in your area.

Amigo Energy is a private company dedicated to providing electricity service to homes and businesses in Texas, offering services to customers in almost the entire open area to electricity competition in Texas.

For determining if your area is open to competition and if Amigo Energy can provide you with the service, please visit the website of the Public Service Commission of Texas at www.poderdeescoger.org.

Amigo Energy is a subsidiary of Fulcrum Power Services. Fulcrum Power Services, together with its general partner Fulcrum Energy LLC.

Visit: www.amigoenergy.com, to see what plan sis better for you!

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